Founder Desire Bertrand Boribon dedicated career as a Corporate Consultant at various industries

from Shop floor to Senior Management. Early employment experience at a Multi-National company including completion of a trade qualification, followed by several years’ experience and use of Lean Systems, Production Co-ordination and later training of Lean Systems several other businesses. 

Experience and qualifications in Management and HR Management, BSI ISO Auditing Management Systems and Quality Management Systems, Training and Assessment (Funded and fee for service) of several qualifications from Factory, warehousing, admin though to corporate. Including set up of processes at various clients.

In this time, gauged the gaps in the delivery and the quality of job placement and labour

hire. A determination to make a real difference in the Job Placement and Labour Hire

setting by providing a duty of care for all stake holders involved. To ensure Host and

Employee are treated with a common respect. Achieved by face to face customer

service, discussion and follow through.

With his many years of work experience, a passion to bridge the gap between business

owners and their road to reaching success by now offering his exemplary consulting

services and business management expertise through two streams


1) Training/Consulting

2) Job placement

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In Zen Db Solutions, We Live By The Philosophy Of Providing Ultimate Solutions – The
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To be an asset to clients through teaching, guidance and empowering others of the use and benefits of Lean Systems.

To create a thorough recruitment process aimed to maximise opportunities and eliminate waste for continuous growth.

To achieve success the first time right!

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